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"Pikku Jumbo” type steam engine


The freight train engine was built in 1926 and it has been in use until 1969. "Pikku Jumbo" type engine was the most typical freight train engine in Finnish railways. Now there is two of them left.

Kouvola asema.jpg


It has been exhibited outside for 50 years and damaged by the tough weather. In 2019 it was restored by local funding by private people and companies at Kouvola.


Kouvola Station

Since 1970 Ruuhvertti  has been exhibited at Kouvola railway junction as a memorial for Riihimäki - Saint Petersburg -railway to be ready.

This station supports the railway history.



Ruuhvertti is waiting for the new house to be ready in good condition thanks for the restoration. "VILINÄ" wooden shelter will tell the motion of historical locomotive.

pikku jumbo.jpeg
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