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Assemble short upper beams

21st September 2022

We unpacked the upper beam packages and started assembling. For the preparation we made 2 platform jigs and connector-like spacers. Unlike assembling outside, inside of Paja is very easy to start because we didn't have to level the ground. So, we put the beam on top of the platform jigs, placed the spacers, cramped them together and screwed. We repeated this about 2 times and put the elements aside. One of us made a special jig to make bigger hole for the top beams by 3D printer and this jig makes our work much faster! He is also the boss of safety department among us and taking care of safety work during the VILINÄ construction👷 Upper beam elements need shoes like high heal because of the 8-degree angle, so drill master changed the field to shoemaker for upper beam elements👠


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