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Ring beams are installed!!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

6th October 2022

The packages which were sleeping long time on site are finally unpacked and showed the massive timber. This ring beam is consisted of 3 parts, 1 long in the middle and 2 shorts in both sides, and connects eastern and western corners on the columns̺. It was not difficult to lift having levelled position but fixing on the columns took more time because the long ring beam was a bit bended and cramping and hammering on top of scaffolding and the structure was not so easy🔨 Somehow the gap disappeared and started fixing with screws and then moved to short ring beams in both sides. This ring beam will be hidden when the Upper Beam elements installed in outer but it is very important element to connect eastern and western corners and support the roof elements🔑 After installing the ring beam, the rainbow after the rain celebrated us🌈


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