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Western buttresses & Element4 are installed!!

3rd October 2022

We started from installing eastern element4 which is flat element on top of the buttresses and connects north and south corners to have stability with arch. First, we took the bracing away and moved the scaffolding under the buttresses, and put the steel rods temporally and then lifted by the crane. Fortunately, it fitted very well and fixed with nuts and washers. During this construction we feel the importance of the tolerance very much😌 Brave some of us climbed on the structure with safety gear and kept the nuts to tighten the other bottom nuts from top which is already quite high from the ground🎪

Next, we started lifting western buttresses. Western buttresses have the longer beams than eastern, so it was very difficult to find the middle point having levelled position, we tried it couple of times before installing. Somehow, we found the middle point and installed the buttresses with extension steel rods. And then we put the western element4 on top of them in the same way as eastern. This was more than we expected in a day, well done for us👏 The arches in short section had a nice pastel colours background in the evening🎨


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