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Upper Beam elements are installed!!

7th October 2022

On top of the buttresses, we have installed the element4 and ring beam, one missing element was Upper Beam. This Upper Beam element is also consisted of 3 parts, 1 long in the middle and 2 shorts in both sides, placed just under the roof element and has same height as ring beam. Upper Beam element makes the continuous VILINÄ rhythm until the roof starts🎵 We started from both sides this time and fixed with extension steel rods. Then we made perilled holes on the ground for the long Upper Beam in the middle. And we lifted it on the place and fixed with extension steel rods. The range of the work is wider than short Upper Beam elements, so we moved the scaffolding some more times. After placing the elements, we needed to cut the steel rods on the structure. It was tough work but we managed to cut all of them safely🎇


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