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Roof installation

17th October 2022

The roof is consisted of 9 waffle elements. As the preparation, we put the straps all the way through the elements and fixed 6 spacers inside between the elements when they are on the ground🔨 We started lifting the second element from west and guided the elements by straps and placed on the structure with the stopper jig. The most difficult point was adjusting this first element on the right place because we didn't have many references, so it took a lot of time. But after fixing this part, it was smooth because we got the initial reference and placed the rest elements next each other. So we placed the next elements and fixed them by screwing through the prepared spacers. Our work site was getting high and high, this time we needed another ladder from top of the scaffolding👷 We have done all the construction work by finalising this roof parts and now you can see our VILINÄ stands by itself. It was really amazing work process👏


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