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The 2nd & 3rd delivery to Kouvola

5th September 2022

We are commuting to Kouvola by truck and van for the construction🚚 The long buttress occupied whole truck including bracing and was sticked out from the truck, so we needed special equipment to let other cars know how long it is. Because of the length, the middle point to support is changed so we moved one side strap farer. After we unloaded the long buttress, we put more bracing both sides.

6th September 2022

Our early bird days are continuing🐓 Next day we also came to Paja early in the morning and started to load 3 bottom wall elements. It is easier than loading buttress, but we needed organize well on the truck. The last element went to the back, and we needed the extension lights for the special width🔦 The walls and buttress are waiting to be assembled on site.

2nd delivery to Kouvola

Next day... 3rd delivery to Kouvola

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