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The 4th & 5th delivery to Kouvola

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

12th September 2022

It was an autumn sunny day🍁 We started loading the element to the truck early in the morning. These days we are getting better to assist delivering the elements with each time. Finding good wood pieces for bracing, preparing the right tools, knowing how to fasten the straps made the loading faster. The tree shade was nicely moving by wind on the VILINÄ structure screen🍃

14th September 2022

In the rainy morning, we put the waterproof jacket and helmet on and started working under the raindrop☔ For the long buttress we put the piece of wood to hang the strap and adjusted the middle point to lift by crane. After unloading the element on the truck, we put the enough bracing and special light on the back. Accidentaly we could have checked the 8-degree angle in beams was working for water evacuation. We dismantled the assembling jig after seeing off the truck since the last element which needs the jig has left.

4th delivery to Kouvola

5th delivery to Kouvola


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