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The 6th & 7th delivery to Kouvola

27th & 28th September 2022

The parallel work at Paja and on site went well! Some of us stayed at Paja and helped the truck driver to load the elements. The truck has arrived to Pilkepuisto around noon in both day🚚 We split the team on site to keep continue assembling the bottom wall elements and to help unload the elements. We delivered the flat Element4 and short upper beams as 6th delivery, and next day long upper beams as 7th. The remarkable thing during this delivery was that some of us at Paja made a little house under the long upper beams in few hours🔨 It was a great work, we are tough architect team💪 The experienced truck driver delivered our elements safely. We appreciate all his efforts for this project and were glad to see the collaborative unloading and moving elements with the crane operator by chance😊


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